We provide personalized guidance to students who seek advanced graduate degrees to enhance career potential and life opportunities.

Type It Hard is a graduate school admissions consulting service. We guide you through all stages of the application process from finding a discipline to selecting right schools to preparing application materials to making final decisions.

Instead of aiming for quick turnaround and offering mechanical advice, we offer personalized support and undivided care. We work with you to find your unique stories, experiences, and challenges, and leverage them to your advantage. We promise to type it hard to make your application as competitive as it can be to the best of our ability. 

Our core values


We aim for simple and clear expression instead of making everything unnecessarily complex. With careful writing that aligns with a client’s overarching vision, we strive to achieve a compelling message that people love. 


We hold ourselves to high ethical standards. We take the responsibility for the honesty and accuracy of our work and avoid poor and inappropriate choices at all times. We earn trust through our responsible practices.

Personal Growth

We care about our clients’ growth. In the process of graduate school applications, we cultivate awareness of their own strengths, potential, and aspirations, and abilities to succeed in the next academic endeavor.

Our team

Nancy Ke, Ph.D.

higher edudcation enthusiast
communication strategist

Thanks for stopping by our Type It Hard website! 

Nancy started this website to help aspiring students realize their potential in their post-bachelor academic endeavor.

Nancy holds a Master’s and Ph.D. in Business and has over 16 years of experience in U.S. higher education. She has taught a variety of courses, such as Strategic Writing and Management Communication, at both teaching and research intensive universities in the U.S. 

She has served on a graduate admissions committee and knows the ins and outs of how graduate admissions work. She has presented research on business communication and writing at national and international conferences and published manuscripts in peer-reviewed academic journals. 

Nancy recently moved on from higher education to focus on  her long-standing goal: to help students pursue advanced education to enhance their career potential and life opportunities.

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