Below, you can find some of the most frequently asked questions about our services. If you have any other question that is not answered here, please contact us

Type It Hard is a graduate school admissions consulting service. We guide you through all stages of the application process from finding a discipline to selecting right schools to preparing application materials to making final decisions.

Regardless of which plan you choose, you will directly work with Dr. Nancy Ke of Type It Hard. As you can see in her bio, she has extensive experience in U.S. higher education. She does all the work in each step and be very familiar with your specific needs and interests. 

The graduate school application process involves careful thinking, research, planning, and execution in a cyclical fashion. A strong application packet cannot be prepared just within a few days. To provide focused attention and support, Nancy takes on a select number of clients at a time. You can be assured that you will receive high-quality work, professional communication, and personal care.

It depends on where you are in the process of graduate school applications. Maybe, you already have clear ideas of what you want to study, already wrote initial documents, and just need customization to make your application competitive. In that case, it may not take too long to finalize everything and produce a complete packet.

But, if you just get started and need some guidance in terms of finding a right discipline and school and preparing required materials, it will take a bit longer. It could be expedited if needed, but we generally recommend that if you are just started, you take enough time in each step to think through your ideas instead of rushing through it.

Our standard package is $3,000 (U.S. dollars). This is for applicants who know what they want and are well ahead of the application process. For those who need a bit more guidance and support, we have other plans with upgraded services.

We listen carefully to you and tailor support based on your needs. The best way to figure out which plan to choose is to contact us and talk about your needs in detail.  

In general, it starts with a free consultation chat (via WeChat, Zoom, or other means) where we (you and us) talk about how we can best assist your graduate school application. It is followed by a general strategy session where we learn more about your exact needs and determine a course of action to help achieve your goals. After this critical groundwork, we plan, write, and present application materials. In all plans, we have unlimited editing support. We can go back and forth to best accommodate your specific styles and preferences. 

Most probably. In the past, we have helped clients in business (e.g., Management), social science (e.g., Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Communication), humanities (e.g., English, Area Studies), and STEM fields. Our strategic process cuts across disciplinary boundaries – we will adapt our process to your specific needs and interests.

We take on a select number of clients at a time to ensure that we can carefully craft each application. Please contact us for our availability or schedule a free consultation call