Create a standout application with our strategic process

Our decision making is grounded in a process of careful research, planning, execution, and feedback. No matter who we work with, the process guides your application to a right direction in every step of the way. 


Define your goals, assess your strengths, and analyze market opportunities to develop a direction. 


Determine an overall framework and specific actions to create a coherent and compelling story.


Develop application materials according to an action plan, receive feedback, and continuously refine them.

Macro and Micro:
Turn Yourself into Compelling Stories

Big Picture

Using our strategic process, we will weave your unique qualities to develop an authentic and convincing argument that you are a right applicant for a target program. Your application will reflect who you are, be tailored to readers of your application, and build a relationship. 

Elevate Writing

Poor writing leads to negative impressions and hurts your chances of admission. We will check your documents line by line for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors and other vocabulary and sentence issues to ensure that all your application materials are clear, professional, and engaging.

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